With the decade winding up, we’re going to roll out a series of reviews about the best in the comic book filmmaking during the past ten years. Much of the decade was defined by the success of Marvel, a studio that barely even existed in 2010. Yet DC, Independent cinema, and a flurry of graphic novels became perfect pieces of intellectual property. Black Panther broke through a Best Picture nomination, Wonder Woman became the first major female-led studio film, and Avengers: End Game became the highest-grossing film of all time.

Yet there were plenty more films that deserve attention. Luckily, this genre has already wrapped up in earnest. While other films are still in discussion, and other best of the decade lists are on the horizon at We Bought a Blog, we’re kicking things off with the comic book/graphic novel adaptations. Check back over the next week as AJ counts down his top 10. Look for other sub-lists, including the construction of an all-Superhero team (combining Marvel, DC, and everyone in between.

This should be a fun little exercise, so let’s get ready for some fun!

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