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23. 2023 HHN Final Preview List and Hype Rankings – Choose They Fate! Bela Lugosi’s Undead

It's been a crazy month since the end of our 2nd season, and we're back to kick off Season 3! A couple moves and a bout with Covid left us eager to return to our favorite topic. Halloween Horror Nights kicked off a couple weeks ago, but we've done a good job of avoiding it for the most part (Well, AJ went for a low-key night opening weekend, but only went for 2 houses).  Here we are with our Hype Lists mere hours before our first HHN Night. Will we accurately predict where each of our houses will rank? Will the houses make us change our opinion on The Exoricst: Believer or Chucky? Can Dueling Dragons live up to our lofty goals as fans of the ride? Can Oddfellow break through as a new icon?  We discuss all 10 houses, all 5 scarezones, and a handful of the extras at the event. We will be back this weekend with our ranking of the houses and scarezones and be back in the next few weeks with episodes on Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors, Prince of Darkness, and more! 
  1. 23. 2023 HHN Final Preview List and Hype Rankings – Choose They Fate!
  2. 22. Gremlins (1984) – Directed by Joe Dante
  3. 21. Talk to Me – Directed by Danny & Michael Philippou (RackaRacka)
  4. 20. Halloween Horror Nights 2023 – Monsters Unmasked, The Exorcist: Believer, Chucky and More
  5. 19. The A24 Horror Draft