Tom Cruise has been known to dabble in franchise filmmaking on occasion. He continues to lead the influential Mission: Impossible franchise, with two more on the horizon. Jack Reacher became a soft franchise for a few years but took a step back with Never Go Back in 2016. Rather than rest on his laurels and wait for the next Mission: Impossible, it seems like he wants to fight more aliens in a time loop. It looks like Edge of Tomorrow will be getting a sequel.

For the unaware, Edge of Tomorrow (or Live. Die. Repeat as it was renamed on Blu-Ray release), followed a Groundhog Day scenario in a war between humans and aliens. Cruise played a soldier caught in a time loop, and meets the only person who can understand what he went through. Emily Blunt plays one of the top soldiers in existence, who also found herself caught in her own loop. The two team-up to take down some alien scum.

The first film remains one of the coolest films of either performer’s career. Some believe it could be Blunt’s best performance, and it does fall in the Sigourney Weaver in Aliens wheelhouse. Cruise also played up his action cred, drawing rave reviews for his role. For both actors, Edge of Tomorrow was a highpoint of the last five years.

At the moment, neither has been confirmed to return. Despite this, Variety reports that sources are confident they will. It is still a question of whether or not Doug Liman, director of the first film will return as well. Right now, the only sure thing is that Matthew Robinson (The Invention of Lying) will take a crack at the screenplay. When the franchise returns, it will be interesting to see what name the sequel chooses to go by moving forward.

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