Review: ‘Ghosted’ – Too Formulaic to Waste This Much Talent

Rolling out high-star-powered action comedies seems to be all too common amongst streaming platforms. After Red Notice came and went, a few others have surfaced in the past two years. This week's release Ghosted, starring Chris Evans and Ana De Armas, attempts to break through a busy weekend at the box office. However, by dropping … Continue reading Review: ‘Ghosted’ – Too Formulaic to Waste This Much Talent

LEGO Batman – How a lighthearted animated kids movie showed up the entire DC cinematic universe.

With the DCU all but dead to rights, it looked like there might never be another great DC superhero film. Then it happened. A DC superhero got a movie that wasn’t a complete turd. In fact, it was spectacular. Who would have thought the saving grace of the DC filmography would be an animated kid's movie? About LEGOs.