This week we tackle one of the surprise hits of 2022. When it was released in September of 2022, Barbarian did not seem poised to light up the box office. In fact, festival performance seemed to buoy its chances to go big. The little horror movie that was destined for streaming suddenly landed in theaters, crashing the party as one of the best horror films of the year. Barbian comes from Director Zach Cregger, formerly best known for The Whitest Kids Y’Know comedy sketch series. It’s safe to say, Barbarian makes him one of the most interesting new horror filmmakers to watch.

Horror fans were delighted when Cregger’s word-of-mouth horror sensation began to take hold of the culture. Many simply left it at “Know nothing going into this movie.” Sure enough, that advice proved wise. The twisting horror schlockfest featured some incredible designs, better production quality, and three excellent performances. Needless to say, we loved our new horror secret, and we are excited to enjoy it with everyone who will listen.

Now that it’s been almost a year since its release, we look at the horror phenomenon that was Barbarian


Time Stamps: 

00-05:00 – Intro and Recap

05:00 – 30:30 – Discussion on the movie

30:40 – 44:20 – Awards

44:20 – End of Episode — Cleanup and Socials

Read our review of Barbarian at Sunshine State Cineplex.

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