Dark stormy nights set the perfect atmosphere for a thriller or horror film. The mere act of rain can envelop a person, and as the claustrophobia sets in, it can cause genuine unease. A torrential downpour becomes a catalyst in You’ll Never Find Me, a thriller from debut filmmakers Indianna Bell and Josiah Allen. The resulting film is not only unsettling but leaves the audience on the edge of their seats.

When a young woman (Jordan Cowan) gets caught in a storm, she looks for shelter. She knocks on the door of an RV, and the owner (Brendan Rock) answers. At first, he’s hesitant to let her into his house. However, he eventually relents, and she steps inside. After dancing around the tension with small talk, he asks where she came from. The winding story develops as they face off in the subsequent hours.

You'll Never Find Me - Tribeca 2023

The direction from Bell and Allen quickly immerses you in dread. Something percolates at the edges of the frame, but it’s unclear who or what is dangerous. The sound design does an excellent job of making us feel the patter of rain and the boom of the storm. Yet the creaks within the house and roof begin to frighten the most. A malevolent force appears to settle over the house. Framing the atmosphere goes a long way in delivering a terrifying, slow-burn experience.

Additionally, the performances from Cowan and Rock are impeccable. Each wears shrouds of secrecy over their ambitions. They both have something in mind, and their energy takes that of poker players. Their battle of wits and secrets becomes integral to the non-verbal performance, which delivers a half-dozen showcase moments. Each is spectacular, and the cat-and-mouse game is riveting.

Where Bell and Allen go from here is unclear, but if they keep making horror films, they’ll be known worldwide in no time. The ability to create thick tension cannot be ignored, and You’ll Never Find Me makes for an exciting experience at the theater. Going into this one with as little knowledge as possible helps it wash over you and makes You’ll Never Find Me one of those movies we cannot wait to share with friends.

Alan’s Rating: 8/10

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