The team behind Ted Lasso has played the finale of season 3 close to the chest. Is this the end of the series? Or simply a moment to change the trajectory of the show? Jason Sudeikis proves his value once again, but the show draws on its expansive ensemble. Everyone has moments to shine, but there’s much to explore moving forward. If this is the end, Ted Lasso – “So Long, Farewell” – serves as a brilliant conclusion.

The Recap – Ted Lasso – “So Long, Farewell

Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) watches a morning show, discussing the Premiere League. The show discusses AFC Richmond’s chance to win the league. It also brings up news about accusations of Rupert’s improprieties. She turns it off as Ted (Sudeikis) walks into her kitchen.

They look at each other awkwardly, and Ted asks if she wants to talk. She’s not ready to talk. Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt) walks in, wearing only a t-shirt and scantily clad underwear. He’s then followed by Jane (Phoebe Walsh), who is wearing nothing but a blazer (she borrowed it from Rebecca).

Ted thanks Rebecca for letting them crash at her place. Apparently, there was a gas leak in their neighborhood (Ted thought Beard was bragging about his farts). Beard laments this is the “last time,” and Rebecca cuts him off. Although she is okay with Ted going home, she does not understand why he won’t return. They’re interrupted by the maid, who sees all the people and goes to start cleaning the guest bedrooms. Beard and Jane chase after her, telling her some of the “ropes” are not garbage. Ted and Rebecca awkwardly sit in the kitchen.

In the locker room, Will (Charlie Hiscock) announces that Locker Room court is in session. McAdoo (Kola Bokinni) walks in, decked out in a barristers wig and old-timey clothing. There are unresolved fines on the team, which Sam (Toheeb Jimoh) notes, as court treasurer, will pay for the end-of-year party at his restaurant.

Nate (Nick Mohammed) brings in the “receptacle,” a pink box with googly eyes and a tongue. Nate has returned as the “assistant to the kit man.” Everyone pays their fines and McAdoo fines Nate 5000 pounds for missing every training and match. Nate agrees with the penalty. Sam announces the party will have an open band and live band karaoke.

Keeley (Juno Temple) and Roy (Brett Goldstein) run into each other in the parking lot. They flirt, and she walks inside. Ted and Beard discuss Jane shredding his passport. Luckily Beard has triple citizenship, including from the Vatican City. Trent Crimm (James Lance) asks the coaches to read over copies of his book, which is almost finished. He won’t change anything, but he wants their opinion anyway.

Roy walks into the coach’s office and asks how to know if a girl likes him. They want to call the Diamond dogs, but Roy storms out yelling, “No. ” Beard begins marking up Trent’s book so loudly that Trent also leaves.

Upstairs, Keeley asks if Rebecca has comments on Rupert’s divorce for the press. When she says no comment, Keeley asks if she has any comments for her and Leslie (Jeremy Swift). Also, no comment.

Leslie hands over a list of potential replacements for Ted. Rebecca cannot do it yet. Leslie also notes that they’ve had offers to buy a piece of the club after being guaranteed a spot in the Champions League. It could help bring an influx of cash into the team. She asks what she could get if she sold the whole team. Leslie estimates 2 billion.

Ted calls practice. He doesn’t want it to be anything special. Roy ominously says, “Whatever they want.” The music kicks on, and the team performs “So Long, Farewell” from The Sound of Music. Ted says it’s perfect.

Keeley walks through the office, and everyone is excited to see her. She gives a gift to Ted and makes her way into the locker room. Jaime (Phil Dunster) invited her to Brazil with him for a photo shoot with Nike. Roy notices and asks Jaime out for a beer.

Rebecca and her mother drink at Mae’s pub. They discuss Ted, and Rebecca brings up selling the club. Her mother thinks she should sell and explore herself. When they try to pay the bill, Mae says it was already taken care of. The hooligans thank Rebecca for what she’s done for the club.

Ted reads Trent’s book and chuckles. Trent jumps in to see what made him laugh and admits he hopes that Ted likes it. Then, Trent heads out for the night.

Roy and Jaime have their beer (Jaime drinks his in one gulp). Roy says he’s proud of Jaime for the changes he’s made. Jaime thanks Roy for the support. Roy brings up that they both have feelings for Keeley. He does not want their feelings to mess up their friendship. However, Jaime does not want to step aside if they’re not officially together. Jaime tells Roy the video Keeley had made was for him.

Ted sits in the stadium alone. Rebecca arrives and says she’s ready to talk. She is going to sell the club unless they both stay. She pitches moving Ted’s family to England. Rebecca would sell 49% of the club to make Ted one of the highest-paid coaches in the league. She knows his answer, and they leave it unsaid.

Roy and Jaime show up at Keeley’s front door. They’ve gotten in a fistfight over Keeley. However, they want her to pick which one of them she would be with. She kicks them out.

Ted walks through the stadium and sees Nate in the locker room. He’s staring at the space where the Believe sign once hung. Nate apologizes to Ted and hugs him. Ted tells Nate that he tore it up multiple times. He also says he can still see the sign, even though it’s not there.

Gameday arrives, and the crowd is electric. The hooligans banter at Mae’s, and Ted’s family watches from America. Ted rants about the league naming conventions, and Nate arrives to tell everyone good luck. Roy asks to be a Diamond dog, and the group looks for cameras (they think it’s a prank). Roy asks if people can change. With some jokes thrown in, they agree people are continually growing and accepting that things can improve. Finally, Nate tells them about Jade, and they are happy for him.

Rupert (Anthony Head) sees George in the halls. He tells him they need to beat AFC Richmond today. A win for West Ham puts them in the Champions League as well. Rebecca and Sassy take their seats with the group.

Zava sent the team shirts and the biggest avocado they’ve ever seen. Dani apologizes to Van Damme for what he did during international play. He gives him a new black face mask. Van Damme changes his name to Zorro.

Beard shows a video of their time together. It includes clips with each other on and off the pitch. The team is wildly emotional on the pitch.

West Ham jumps out to a 2-0 lead. Man City is also up 1-0. At the half, Ted tells them how much of an honor it’s been to coach them. He does not know what the second half will bring, but he’s excited to see it. The team reaches into their lockers and pulls out the pieces of the Believe sign. They’ve kept them in their lockers the whole season. They count off, and they go out with renewed strength.

The first chance they get, the team goes hard, and the strikers get shots on goal. While each seems to hit the crossbar, Jaime eventually scores. Later, Jaime draws a penalty kick, and they gave McAdoo take the PK. He seemed to miss, but it was so powerful it blew a hole through the net.

The ground crew works to replace the net. Rupert goes downstairs onto the pitch and commands George to take out Jaime. When George refuses, Rupert shoves him to the ground. The refs restart the game. The crowd begins to scream “wanker” at Rupert as he leaves the pitch.

West Ham scores another goal, but their man was offside. AFC Richmond gets fouled, and they call for a play. Using Nate, they call the “Oscar” for Jaime, which gives Sam an open shot on goal. They put it in and win the match.

The fans storm the pitch. The stadium erupts, and everyone loses their mind. Ted Lasso does The Running Man. We fade to black as the announcers change the broadcast to Man City.

Rebecca sells 49% of the club back to the fans. Man City ended up winning the championship, but Richmond finished second. Ted gets ready to board his flight home. Rebecca bought a ticket to say goodbye to Ted. They tell each other “Thank You” and hug. Rebecca watches Ted board the plane.

Beard is already on the plane. They sit next to each other. Beard cannot leave because he’s in love with Jane. e fakes an appendicitis attack to get off the plane. The plane takes off.

Rebecca runs into the man from Amsterdam at the airport. He’s a pilot and is in the UK with his daughter. Ted leaves a note to change the title of the book. Roy is named manager and begins therapy with Sharon. Jaime reconnects with his Dad. Sam makes the Nigerian team. Keeley gets Rebecca to commit the money for a women’s team. Beard and Janet get married. Ted arrives home. e coaches Henry’s soccer team. Ted looks into the camera and smiles.

Alan’s Rating: 9/10

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