We love us some found footage, and Skinamarink gives us a perfect reason to do so. We also loop in the discussion of Found Footage as a subgenre, including some of its highs and lows. 2022’s Deadstream and 2023’s The Outwaters also make appearances. Right now, the state of the subgenre is good and serves as an excellent place to begin Season 2 of Bela Lugosi’s Undead.

Skinamarink does not just frighten. It fully unsettles us. The found footage story follows two children who appeared locked inside the house. We have so semblance of time or place. The world around them keeps changing. It’s a truly horrific experience to behold but unfolds as an extremely artistic view of the events. This will not vibe with all audiences, yet those who love it will be over the moon for it. Check out our episode link below!

Skinamarink, Deadstream, and Found Footage! Bela Lugosi’s Undead

Season 2 continues with a breakdown of late 2022 and early 2023 found footage hits! Skinamarink woke up the horror community, creating bipolar reactions from audiences (even on this podcast). Meanwhile, Deadstream was released to acclaim from horror fans but could not break through in the mainstream. Between the two films, we take a look at the place where found footage horror finds itself in 2023. Additionally, we have some tangent discussions about The Blair Witch Project, Outwates, and RRR's awesome music. Time stamps and links to our written reviews below!  Check it out at Bela Lugosi's Undead!  00- 12:00 – Skinamarink Review – Sunshine State Cineplex 12:00 – 15:00 – Deadstream Review – Sunshine State Cineplex  15:00- End  – More Skinamarink, grabbag of various horror films.  V/H/S 99 Review – Sunshine State Cineplex

If you missed our first episode this week, check out our look at Scream (2022) here. Our backlog is still available as well, showcasing episodes on Halloween, The Thing, Hereditary and more.

What did you think of Skinamarink and what are your favorite found footage films? Check out our reviews and other podcasts here!

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