When the decision in Dobbs v. Jackson came down, many across America felt hopeless. Dozens of laws were triggered upon the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Women’s healthcare was stopped cold in many states. This made the grassroots team building up an organization known as Plan C even more important. With advances in birth control technology, women required access to abortion pills to complete the process in their own homes. Plan C, from director Tracy Droz Tragos, details the fight for equality in the birth control process.

In 2014, Francine Coeytaux began organizing a campaign that could help distribute materials to women in need. The group, cleverly titled “Plan C” slowly grew over the next six years. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the group became more active than ever before. Yet, as states began to lift their COVID restrictions, the group began to lose its ability to operate. By the time Dobbs v. Jackson was announced, Plan C had already been working on contingency plans to assist in the delivery of birth control medications.

Tragos dives into the debate but allows the activists to take the lead. Observing their day-to-day operations makes Plan C feel more unique than similar films. While other documentaries have showcased the evolution of the topic of abortion as birth control, Tragos assumes you already know that aspect. Instead, observing the conundrums that come with bureaucracy are just as fascinating.

The ever-evolving aspects of the non-profit make for amazing stories. One doctor hops on phone calls to deliver medication to as many women as possible. Other women continue to find loopholes in the laws. Ensuring access to the pills matters. The embedded nature of the crew allows us to watch the group’s evolution in real time. This important insight helps us connect to women.

While straightforward in its premise and execution, Plan C makes for a riveting watch. There’s no other way to describe these women other than to highlight their heroism. With women battling for basic rights all over the country, this story is not only poignant but one that we must continue to understand.

Alan’s Review: 7/10

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