When the decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization released, it sent a tidal wave through America. While some celebrated overturning Roe v. Wade, most Americans vehemently opposed the decision. The decision by the Supreme Court came from decades of Christian Nationalist efforts, despite the religious freedoms of others being infringed upon. Documentarian Paula Eiselt explores the emerging fight from the religious left, exploring the aftershock of Roe in both personal and political terms. Under G-D showcases the fight for equality, especially for non-Christian faiths.

An essential aspect of the Dobbs decision was its immediate effects on Jewish rights. While Christian advocates have argued their piece, Jewish individuals have explained their beliefs require access to healthcare like abortions. Eiselt follows a Jewish mother in Indiana who cannot plan her family’s future without this access. Meanwhile in Florida, a Rabbi takes up the cause. Using the very laws that have helped religious laws to take hold (e.g., the Hobby Lobby birth control case), legal scholars believe the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRAs) may pose the way forward in the civil rights fights to come.

Eiselt balances Under G-D with a blend of personal anecdotes and important information for the road ahead. In many ways, the documentary provides fighters in other states the playbook. With enough support from pro-choice activists and some willing to make the legal challenges, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Wisely, Eiselt explores the effects of local politics as well. For the family in Indiana, limitations on abortions passed through the state house, not the Supreme Court. This is a very relevant reminder to the left that state and local elections are just as integral in the fight forward.

Under G-D makes a strong case for its subject, and it will gain significant support in the coming months. It seems evident that religious freedom should not stomp on the rights of others, yet that is precisely what the Supreme Court has done. The Dobbs decision remains the only case ever to take away pre-established rights from American citizens. The fight to overturn this blatantly ideological attack on the court system will be long. Under G-D serves as one of the first documents on this battle.

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