We’re here for the last night of the Primetime Emmys. In most years, I would have gone back and forth over predictions. I’ll let you know that this is not one of those articles. This is a soft prediction night from me. Really, I’m here to spread the gospel of my favorite shows and tell you to watch them. So if you want to take my picks, be warned. There are far better predictors at GoldDerby.com and AwardsWatch.com. But for some fun, let’s check out the categories! First up are the comedy prizes.

Outstanding Comedy Series

And the nominees are:

  • Abbott Elementary
  • Barry
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Hacks
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Only Murders in the Building
  • Ted Lasso
  • What We Do in the Shadows

Prediction: Ted Lasso
Our Pick: Abbott Elementary or Barry
Spoiler: Hacks

No doubt, Ted Lasso is the frontrunner here, and with good reason. Yet, this is a category full of bangers. Literally, and of these nominees could win, and I would be happy. So I’m supporting Abbott Elementary, the surprise hit of the year with the breakout stars. However, I would also be down for the hyper-emotional Barry, a show that somehow gets better every season. We’re heading towards all-time great territory for the Bill Hader starer. Keep an eye out for Hacks as the ultimate spoiler. It won writing and Lead Actress last year, and might do the same again.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

And the Nominees are:

  • Rachel Brosnahan – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Quinta Brunson – Abbott Elementary
  • Kaley Cuoco – The Flight Attendent
  • Elle Fanning – The Great
  • Issa Rae – Insecure
  • Jean Smart – Hacks

Who Will Win: Jean Smart
Who We Want to Win: Jean Smart
Spoiler: Quinta Brunson

Quinta needs to win writing. She’s close in actress as well (she’s my runner-up), but Jean Smart continues to deliver the best work of her career. I’m fine with her winning one or two more trophies, but at some point, it will need to stop. Just not yet. Given the knives that are out at HBO/Discovery, Hacks needs this win to come through.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

And the nominees are:

  • Donald Glover – Atlanta
  • Bill Hader – Barry
  • Nicholas Hoult – The Great
  • Steve Martin – Only Murders in the Building
  • Martin Short – Only Murders in the Building
  • Jason Sudekis – Ted Lasso

Who Will Win: Bill Hader
Who We Want to Win: Martin Short
Spoiler: Jason Sudekis

It’s SNL on SNL crime. Hader vs. Sudekis at the top of the ticket could be either the consolation prize, or the signal in the wind for where Comedy Series is going. The Steve Martin Short duo are welcomed back to the Emmys and seem to be siphoning some support away from each other. Somehow, Short has never won an Emmy despite his brilliance, so please right the wrong. Glover is barely in his season, and Hoult is a makeup nomination. Look for Hader (has 2 wins) or Sudekis (has a win) to take home gold.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

And the nominees are:

  • Alex Bornstein – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Hannah Einbinder – Hacks
  • Janelle James – Abbott Elementary
  • Kate McKinnon – Saturday Night Live
  • Sarah Niles – Ted Lasso
  • Sheryl Lee Ralph – Abbott Elementary
  • Juno Temple – Ted Lasso
  • Hannah Waddingham – Ted Lasso

Who Will Win: Hannah Waddingham
Who We Want to Win: Janelle James or Sheryl Lee Ralph
Spoiler: Kat McKinnon

We have a bit of a problem with co-leads in this category. Waddingham is certainly the co-lead of Ted Lasso, driving plot as much (if not more) than her coach. Einbinder and Bornstein do the same in their respective shows, if not for the attention showered on their Emmy-winning co-stars. If you told me the show was about them instead, there’s actually a strong case to be made. The Abbott Elementary women are firmly in supporting, despite each having a showcase episode this season. James has the episode for sure, and it’s one that is both heartbreaking and comical. Despite this, do not count out McKinnon. It’s her last season, and she has no internal competition from their co-stars.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

And the nominees are:

  • Anthony Carrigan – Barry
  • Brett Goldstein – Ted Lasso
  • Toheeb Jimoh – Ted Lasso
  • Nick Mohammed – Ted Lasso
  • Tony Shalhoub – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Tyler James Williams – Abbott Elementary
  • Henry Winkler – Barry
  • Bowen Yang – Saturday Night Live

Who Will Win: Brett Goldstein
Who We Want to Win: Henry Winkler
Spoiler: Henry Winkler

Another incredible crew, especially at the top. Goldstein is phenomenal this season as a man in transition. Jimoh and Mohammed develop their storylines beautifully. Any of the Lasso guys are worthy, but they face extreme competition. Carrigan and Winkler are equally brilliant on Barry, but Winkler feels like borderline category fraud this season. The near co-lead absolutely has the emotional arc, and arguably delivers the performance of his career. My personal runner-up is Tyler James Williams, who has already done what John Krasinski on The Office never could. It’s also the better of the two performances, with more growth for his character (but most of y’all are not ready for that conversation).

Directing in a Comedy Series

And the nominees are:

  • Hiro Murai – Atlanta – “New Jazz”
  • Bill Hader – Barry – “710N”
  • Lucia Aniello – Hacks – “There Will Be Blood”
  • Cherien Dabis – Only Murders in the Building – “The Boy from 6B”
  • James Babbit – Only Murders in the Building – “True Crime”
  • MJ Delany – Ted Lasso – “No Weddings and a Funeral”
  • Mary Lou Belli – The Ms. Pat Show – “Baby Daddy Groundhog Day”

Who Will Win: Bill Hader
Who We Want to Win: Cherien Dabis
Spoiler: MJ Delany

The top 3 seem pretty locked in pace. Hader can win elsewhere, but his episode is stunning. I think he could win here, just in case he loses Actor to Sudeikis. Dabis’ is my personal pick, both because of the style and subject of the episode. Given that the show thrives with its leads quippy dialogue, it’s quite the flex to cut all audible sound. Murai’s is just as incredible but Atlanta seems to be struggling this year. Delaney could also win with the very fun and emotional episode. Would be a sign of Ted Lasso’s strength.

Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series

And the nominees are:

  • Quinta Brunson – Abbott Elementary – “Pilot”
  • Duffy Boudreau – Barry – “710N”
  • Alec Berg & Bill Hader – Barry – “starting now”
  • Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs & Jen Statsky – Hacks – “The One, The Only”
  • Steve Martin & John Hoffman – Only Murders in the Building – “True Crime”
  • Jane Becker – Ted Lasso – “No Weddings and a Funeral”
  • Sarah Naftalis – What We Do in the Shadows – “The Casino”
  • Stefani Robinson – What We Do in the Shadows – “The Wellness Center”

Who Will Win: Quinta Brunson
Who We Want to Win: Quinta Brunson
Spoiler: Jane Becker

We’re team Quinta. The writing is nearly perfect and the pilot is absolutely incredible. So yeah, we’re going to say she wins (she’s the most popular person in the industry right now), and she should win. Becker’s teleplay is nuanced and emotional. The Hacks episode, “The One, The Only” deserves its laudits as well. Yet as a pure comedy vehicle, I’ve got to support “The Wellness Center,” chaulked full of jokes.

What do you think of our personal picks? Let us hear in the comments below!

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