It’s time for our Halloween Horror Nights Previews! A few years ago, we ran this series at We Bought a Blog and had a great time doing so. So, like Mr. Michael Myers, we’re bringing it back! First, let’s check out the film that shares its name with our holiday, Halloween (1978). There was a house at HHN 24, which was then spun off into sequel houses for Halloween II and Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers. In each case, the house has shifted venues, from a pop tent at HHN 24 to a parade building at HHN 26 and then to the Shrek Auditorium at HHN 28. This edition of the house will likely move into the sound stages this year (or at least the parade building again). Let’s check it out!

Also, when Texas Chainsaw Massacre moved into the Sound Stages, it allowed the team to mix it up. While Texas Chainsaw was marketed as the first film, the house contained several characters and moments from sequels that came down the road. Could we see Universal Creative get wild and show us characters from Halloween 5, 6, or H20? Probably not. But I would not put it past them to shake up the experience.



30 – 70 Minutes


40-80 Minutes

We expect the wait times to get a little high this year due to a lack of A-list IPs that the general public recognizes. However, the frequent presence of the Halloween franchise may help keep this wait time down. The one blip on the radar will be the arrival of Halloween Ends on October 14th. Frankly, we might have to double feature the house and the film on the same night.


Kid Michael Myers – If we’re going back to the beginning, we need kid Michael. He was present at 24, so it seems likely.

Adult Michael Myers – Obviously.

Bloody Michael – I just want him to show up with the hanger in the eye. That does not feel like too much to ask.

Laurie Strode – Can’t have the house without her fighting back. How they choose to reinterpret some of these scenes will be interesting.

Dr. Loomis – I cannot imagine there’s a way they end the house with Loomis shooting Michael again. I feel like we’ll go a bit further this time around, but the question is, where to? Will we potentially get the sequence from Halloween Kills where the cops take Michael into custody? Loomis was not pleased.

Asylum patients – This might bump up too close to one of the originals, but bringing us back to the night Michael escaped could help differentiate the house.

Silver Shamrock Trick-or-Treaters – Retro Halloween vibes that fit within the franchise and the theme of HHN 31. They’ve popped up in the previous houses but should always be present when Michael shows up.


CONFIRMED – We will be getting new scenes in this year’s house, per the team at the Discover Universal Podcast. With that in mind, let’s check into what that might entail.

The Myers House (Past) – We want to see young Michael, so we need this together in some form.

The Myers House (Present/Rundown) – We know it’s gross. We know it’s decrepit. We also know that Loomis hangs out around the house, and he’ll tell us to get our asses away from there.

Smith’s Grove – Show us Micahel’s escape. We can get deeper into the movie and shine a light on the night he escaped. Lightning effects, some scaractors running around, and more Loomis could make this a great intro to the house this time.

The Wallace House – Sorry, Annie, but I’ll be pretty sad if we do not get the redux of her iconic death. Ditto the horror show that is the rest of the house, featuring Lynda and Bob as the entertainment. Make sure we get the dimmer switches right so Michael can spook us.

The Closet – This hallway effect was great both times it was employed. Let’s bring it back.

Streets of Haddonfield – Always down for more Haddonfield. Seriously, Haddonfield is spooky as heck.

The Sheets – Might be a fun homage to the iconic shot, and would allow a Michael to sneak up on us. Hedges work nicely as well.

Judith Myers Graveyard – It would be quite the twist to have Michael hunt us through the headstones. While we know he visits the gravesite in the first film, we are not present for this sequence. If they do not open the house at Smith’s Grove, it would be quite fun to open it here.


Halloween (1978) – Directed by John Carpenter

Just watch it. It does not even have to be HHN season to watch this one. It’s simply too good to ignore.

Halloween III: The Season of the Witch – Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace

We better be getting the trick-or-treaters. The theme of HHN 31 skews heavily in the direction of retro Halloween. Why not have the little witch, goblin, and pumpkin-clothed children help usher in the season? Plus, witches!

Halloween (2018) – Directed by David Gordon Green

Would I put it past the creative team to drop some new stuff into the house? Absolutely not.

Halloween Ends (2022) – Directed by David Gordon Green

Will this be the last Halloween movie? No. Absolutely not. Yet, it might be our last for a while, so let’s circle the wagons and get this one going.

What do you expect out of a Halloween house at HHN 31? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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