Hello all! I wanted to touch base on a project I’ve been working on behind the scenes with two of my collaborators. Spooky Ryan and I have been hard at work getting a new podcast ready for a late June premiere. When the pandemic hit, it threw us into a bit of a tailspin. Ryan had lots of work to complete his courses at LaSalle. I was shifting into a new role at a new company, and our schedules become untenable. The same occurred with Aaron LeBlanc, who had to balance the incredible task of teaching during Covid, with his own big news. He became a father during our hiatus and his life has never been better.

With all of that said, our podcasts fell by the wayside. We stopped working on them altogether and attended to the important things going on in our lives. Well, we’ve reached a point where we want to do something for ourselves and hopefully, you’ll join us.

Ryan and I are launching as the primary podcast on the feed, titled “Bela Lugosi is Undead” as a horror movie club. We hope to keep this on a weekly schedule and will be releasing the announcement for the first episodes prior to the podcast’s launch in late June.

Aaron and I will be hopping on our podcast, likely under the same feed, to bounce around the pop culture landscape. Frankly, we will talk about whatever we feel like talking about. Unlike last time, we are not as concerned with the timing of when these podcasts are recorded. They will likely not be as frequent, but they also will not be solely focused on a release of the week. I’ll watch some anime for Aaron. He’s going to have to watch an Oscar contender he couldn’t care less about. We might review The Batman in September, or even a movie from a decade ago. That pod has yet to be given a new name, but we are open to suggestions. Please shoot them our way!

Frankly, both podcasts are here for us to touch base on. I talk with both of the guys about this stuff anyway. I figure we should just record it and let y’all into our headspace. We hope you’re as excited as we are, and if you’re interesting in guesting, let us know! We are getting a schedule in place, and the sooner we start talking, the sooner we can get you into the rotation.

Last but not least, thank you for your continued support of our site and our podcast! We do this for fun, and we’re glad our words still matter after a long two years. We cannot express our appreciation enough.

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