Hello all! Thanks for checking out We Bought a Blog and supporting our work! We’ve worked to compile our reviews of each of the films we’ve reviewed out of Fantastic Festival 2021, which we’ve been honored to cover for the second year in a row. Please check out and support the independent filmmakers we’ve shown a light on this year!

Fantasia Fest 2021: ‘Alien On Stage’ Delightfully Spotlights Community Theater

Fantasia Fest 2021: ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ Provides New Perspectives on the Teen Experience

Fantasia Fest 2021: ‘What Josiah Saw’ Embraces its Gothic Roots

Fantasia Fest 2021 Preview: Nicolas Cage, Suicide Squad, Xenomorphs, and Vampires!

What other films do you hope we cover at the festival? Let us know in the comments below! Fantasia Festival 2021 Runs through August 25th, 2021! 

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