Hey guys! We’ve been gone for a bit because of our regular 9 to 5s. However, as WBAB doesn’t necessarily cover the bills, we’re going to have periods of inactivity. Well, that’s going to be changing tomorrow. Expect articles every day in July from one of the writers on staff. Before we jump into the reviews though, we wanted to touch base on what you can expect.

First, we believe in the change that has been occurring because of the death of George Floyd. We placed a call for writers earlier this year, and that call goes out again. If you are a non-white or non-male writer, please shoot us an email! While this would be a volunteer writing position, I promise to give you a platform to work out ideas and get reps. Hit up our contact us page, and shoot us a message. You can also DM me on Twitter (@TheAlanFrench) and I’d love to talk with you.

Second, any proceeds the site experiences in the next year will be donated to Black Lives Matter or affiliated organizations. Every dime. We write on this site for fun, and we believe this cause to be an important one. We will work harder to bring more reviews about entertainment from minority talent. Our first review back is on Da 5 Bloods, but Spike Lee will be far from the only filmmaker we hope to highlight (though he will be first). As move forward, expect short themed weeks on various directors in addition to our regular reviews. New President of the Director’s Branch of the Academy Ava DuVernayGina Prince-Bythewood, John Singleton, and Kasi Lemmons are among those on the docket. Keep an out for a full schedule of some of these filmmakers going forward.

Finally, we’re jumping into the 2020 film year in film. There have been some big titles to come and go. We’re going to dive into these and hopefully elevate others you’ve missed. Keep an eye for reviews next week. We’re excited to be back, and even more excited to cover the exciting content from every corner of the globe. Keep an eye out for our stuff and thanks for your support while we’ve been away!

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