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While Corona Virus has shut down the film industry, we thought it might be a great time to look back at an interesting phenomenon in history! Rather than just running a News of the Week podcast, we’re shifting gears! Welcome to our journey through the films that finished 100th in the Box Office for a given year. Using Box Office Mojo as our source, we will jump over the last 20 years of movies to check out some truly bizarre, fun and silly movies to occupy this spot.

Our first film, just in time for its 20th anniversary, is the infamous Battlefield Earth. Starring John Travolta, Barry Pepper, and Forrest Whitaker, we discuss the sci-fi failure that literally killed the studio that released it.

00:00 – 48:00 – Battlefield Earth Discussion

48:00 – End – Get ready for Ella Enchanted and check out some TV Recommendations.

Ella Enchanted can currently be streamed on VUDU.

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