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We’re stuck at home, but before Covid-19 ravaged the world, we recorded a podcast. Despite only being recorded a week ago, this feels like a time capsule.

00 – 30:00: ‘Onward’ Review

30:00 – 47:00: The Best and Most Frustrating of Pixar

47:00 – 50:00: Weebies Open for Voting on 3/20, Artemis Fowl, & Josh Gad’s Rough Year

50:00 – 53:30: AJ’s TV Recommends: ‘Devs,’ ‘Dave,’ ‘What We Do in the Shadows’

53:30 – 55:30: Aaron’s Video Game Recommends: Deep Rock Galactic

55:30 – END: AJ and Aaron rant about other movies on the horizon and touch a little on Covid-19 (again, recorded before Tom Hanks diagnosis and the NBA shutdown). Our excitement for the June lineup still stands (because those movies will still be good).

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