While it feels like the Theatrical Release race has already been locked up, a challenging has the opportunity to rise tonight. The heavy favorite to win the Oscar will be Roger Deakins, but Rodrigo Prieto and Robert Richardson are rivals in their own right. Now we wait to see who will take home the top prizes amongst the cinematographers of Hollywood and beyond.

Theatrical Release

Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC – 1917

Phedon Papamichael, ASC, GSC – Ford v Ferrari

Rodrigo Prieto, ASC, AMC – The Irishman

Robert Richardson, ASC – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Lawrence Sher, ASC – Joker

Spotlight Award

Jarin Blaschke for The Lighthouse***WINNER

Natasha Braier, ASC, ADF for Honey Boy

Jasper Wolf, NSC for Monos


Fejmi Daut and Samir Ljuma – Honeyland***WINNER

Evangelia Kranioti – Obscuro Barroco

Nicholas de Pencier – Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

Episode of a Series for Non-Commercial Television

David Luther for Das Boot “Gegen die Zeit”

M. David Mullen, ASC for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel “Simone”

Chris Seager, BSC for Carnival Row “Grieve No More”

Brendan Steacy, CSC for Titans “Dick Grayson”

Colin Watkinson, ASC, BSC for The Handmaid’s Tale “Night”***WINNER

Episode of a Series for Commercial Television

Dana Gonzales, ASC – Legion “Chapter 20”

C. Kim Miles, CSC, MySC – Project Blue Book “The Flatwoods Monster”***WINNER

Polly Morgan, ASC, BSC – Legion “Chapter 23”

Peter Robertson, ISC – Vikings “Hell”

David Stockton, ASC – Gotham “Ace Chemicals”

Motion Picture, Miniseries, or Pilot Made for Television

John Conroy, ISC – The Terror: Infamy “A Sparrow in a Swallow’s Nest”***WINNER

P.J. Dillon, ISC – The Rook “Chapter 1”

Chris Manley, ASC – Doom Patrol “Pilot”

Martin Ruhe, ASC – Catch-22 “Episode 5”

Craig Wrobleski, CSC – The Twilight Zone “Blurryman”

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