Big week for 2020 movie previews with two incredible trailers dropping today!

First up we have The Woman in the Window, an adaptation of a psychological thriller (same name) starring Amy Adams. Amy seems to be having a real rough time of it this go-around, as a woman terrified of leaving her home, seemingly on the brink of a complete mental collapse. She makes a friend (Julianne Moore) and watches her get murdered ala rear window. The rest of the film seems to be a big game of “What even is reality anyway?” as the trailer devolves into a complete schizophrenic fever dream. One last thing I’d like to add is that Agoraphobia is an interesting concept to tackle in film; it makes the home of the afflicted the sole setting. It’s going to be interesting to see how director Joe Wright (Atonement) will be able to craft the film in such a way as to keep the audience engaged despite this. The star-studded cast of Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman and Brain Tyree Henry certainly will help. Stoked for this and as always: Give Amy Her Oscar Cowards.

Next up we have Christopher Nolan back on his mind-bending bullshit with Tenet (2020). This go-around our heroes will be messin’ around with the flow of time to save the world from an impending doom of some sort. John David Washington stars as our protag and is thrust into a world that seems to be having a bit of a chrono-problem. Waves crashing in reverse (great effect by the way) and cars driving backwards (but forwards…?), set the expectations to just how mind-fucky we are going to get in this thing. Robert Pattison is there…to drive backwards and seem very confused about this whole time thing. Going to have to wait and see how much of a role he’s going to play in this thing. Overall, I am excited to see what Nolan can produce now that he’s back in his wheelhouse.

That’s it for this edition of Trailer Talk. Check out more in the blog! Give our podcast a listen! Also AJ has some incredible reviews so check them out as well!

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