Tom Cruise will likely kill himself on the job someday. The man simply cannot help himself from putting his life in mortal peril. Whether he’s holding onto planes as they lift off or climbing the tallest building in the world, Cruise knows how to be a movie star. This year, we get to see him return to one of the films that made him a superstar, with the Top Gun sequel finally making its way to the big screen. Top Gun: Maverick brings Cruise back the danger zone, and the latest trailer makes this one an early favorite for action film of the next decade.

Cruise obviously steals the show, but the cast gets some nice screentime this time around. Beyond the Jon Hamm and Jennifer Connelly‘s making mostly non-verbal appearances, the future appears bright. Glen Powell and Miles Teller look to be the new Iceman and Maverick, but they’re not alone. Monica BarbaroJay Ellis, and Manny Jacinto appear to join the air teams as well.

The visuals look amazing, the aerial sequences featuring some mindblowing footage. Even the scenes in the academy and beach appear to be instantly iconic. It’s an exciting time to be a Cruise fan, and if Top Gun can approach the recent success of the Mission: Impossible franchise, this will be something special.

Check out Top Gun: Maverick on June 25, 2020. This looks like one you’ll want to watch on the biggest screen possible. 

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