Actor Jeff Goldblum remains one of the most exciting enigmas in pop culture. He’s weird, charmingly funny, and attractive. Yet at the same time, he’s so strange, you wonder if you need to call someone to make sure he’s okay. His eccentric, tycoon-like energy makes him an extremely captivating watch, and thank god someone realized that. The World According to Jeff Goldblum might be the strangest programming choice on the new Disney+, but it also might be the series that has the longest legs. It’s an exciting and fun show that makes for a great watch.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum contains the multitudes of weirdness that the actor has come to embody. After all, if you transform from a sexy scientist into the grossest creature ever put on film and still create empathy you have the movie star sheen. The movie star persona of Goldblum shines bright in the show, and the series simultaneously plays to those who worship him, and those who are looking for fun.

The producers let Goldblum become a combination of James Cordon and Ellen DeGeneres. Goldblum actively jumps into the fray and truely dives into the topic. As he breaks down each topic, you can tell that he takes the discussions in directions that make sense for his star persona. At one point, he visits an artisanal ice cream maker and then delivers the new abstract flavor to troops on board a Naval vessel. He gives a fan a tattoo (of Jeff Goldblum). He plays a game of pickup hoops. There’s plenty of weird moments, but Goldblum’s persona certainly keeps us hooked.

The show also dives into the history and subcultures that surround each topic. During the ice cream episode, we get a nice look at a Rockabilly/hot rod loving audience. The trip to SneakerCon sees thousands of dollars of product move in minutes. Goldblum breaks down the history of tattoos in culturally specific settings. With good production value, ranging from cinematography to fun graphics packages, the show teaches through visually dynamic stories.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum allows the actor room to introduce topics he’s passionate about. That passion comes through on every topic, not just from Goldblum but from his fun guests. The combination of that passion and the exciting approach to education makes this a fun time for the family.


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