Hey guys! Sorry this episode is really late! We recorded in late June but didn’t get a chance to put it up until now. In the meantime, enjoy our belated thoughts on Toy Story 4, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fleabag Season 2, and random other stuff we kind of just ramble about for close to twenty minutes. This is either our best or worst episode. You be the judge.


00- 2:00 – Aaron talks about Japan

2:00 – 40:03 – Toy Story 4

40:03 – END – Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fleabag, Our (Early) Worries About Lion King (We both ended up hating it), and random other pop culture happenings


Get ready for We Bought a Blog to begin its 20th-anniversary celebration of 1999 at the movies! We’re about to drop a lot of content related to the incredible movie year (recently chronicled in Best. Movie. Year. Ever., a fantastic book in its own right).




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