When Teeth released in 2008, some audiences were grossed out to no end. The Sundance Film Festival may have loved the film, but it presented a bridge too far for some. Others love the film, as it continues to be a cult hit. However, since then, there has not been a good followup in the realm of horror. Sure, It Follows represented a strong sex-related horror film, but nothing has quite nailed the comedy part. That is, until now. Snatchers looks to be the logical sequel in some way for the title of silliest sex education comedy. It also looks like its completely bonkers. Check out the trailer below.

Snatchers had an extremely strange path to where it is today. It first premiered as a short back in 2015. It was then converted into a TV series for two years and released weekly. However, the material has been recollected and cut into a feature film, where it is set to premiere as part of the Midnighters section of the festival.

The story follows a teenager (Mary Nepi) who has unprotected sex with her boyfriend (Austin Fryberger). The next morning, the two have broken up, but she’s left seemingly 9 months pregnant. She turns to her former best friend (Gabrielle Elyse) and the two try to figure out how to handle the situation. When it turns out her baby might be an alien, they have to take care of the extra-terrestrial threat. The film is directed by Stephen Cedars and Benji Kleiman. SXSW will serve as the world premiere for the film.

Snatchers looks absolutely hilarious and uses B-Movie jump cuts gore to draw you in. Some have already drawn comparisons to Sam Raimi’s horror, and it is hard to disagree. This looks like an enjoyable film that we’ll have to keep a close eye on in the future.

Snatchers will premiere at SXSW Film Festival. When more information comes available, we will update you! 

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