Back in 2014, The LEGO Movie surprised audiences around the world with its stunningly witty and heartfelt experience. A movie based on LEGOs should not have worked and has frankly struggled to work since. Lots of people chalked up the success to the randomness of the concept, and in a way, that helped.

However, the perception of randomness came from the very controlled minds of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who never let a silly idea get in the way of a good joke. The reason that The LEGO Movie worked so well was one simple fact: it was not ashamed of what it was. The film had strong animators, storytellers, and actors take on roles, but because no one was ashamed of the work they were doing, the commitment to the film was felt from every corner.

In a similar fashion, Detective Pikachu seems to be heading for the same territory, and not only because they have a little yellow protagonist. The trailers for this movie have been awesome so far. Yesterday, Legendary released another trailer for the first live-action Pokémon movie. This time around, Pikachu (a.k.a. Ryan Reynolds) takes the focus of the Detective Pikachu trailer. You can check out the new trailer below.

We get a lot more actual Pokémon this time around too. It’s not just Pikachu, Charizard, Mr. Mime, and some stray Bulbasaur (although all are featured as well). The Mewtwo reveal bodes well, especially because he might be one of the most powerful Pokémon ever created, and has cross-generational appeal. Instead, the non-stop parade of our favorite little monsters should give everyone a chance to see their favorite Pokémon find its way to the big screen.


Director Rob Letterman sells us every frame, and you can feel his compassion as a director behind the camera. Once again, it seems clear that everyone involved loved this concept. From the visual effects team to the screenwriters, this one seems primed to be a fun time at the multiplex.

What do you think of the new Detective Pikachu trailer? What did you think of the first trailer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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