Sleeping can sometimes be impossible. You toss, you turn, you turn on the tv. Personally, I cut to the chase and throw on some go to favorites to push back that ever present feeling of doom before going to work in the morning. These are my top 5 go to soundtracks to trick me into believing that things get better, falling asleep is good, and that it’ll be better in the morning!


Pros: Friends is no stress punctuated by a consistent laugh track. This white noise allows even the most awake person to drift off into dreamland. No issue on this show should trigger any deep thought or existential crisis. Instead, absurd situations and melodic “How You Doin’s” will help the days stress melt away.

Cons: Anytime you start to lull into dreamland, the Rembrandts’ catchy CLAPCLAPCLAP will wake anyone from twilight sleep to full awake for the sole purpose of clapping along.

Sleepy Themed Episode: Season 7, Episode 6 – “The one with the nap partners”

Parks and Recreation

Pros: Ok, so I am completely biased. Parks and Rec is my favorite show of all time. There isn’t a single line that is not ingrained into my brain causing a rapid fire of endorphins making me downright giddy. This show is incredible. Watching it instantly puts me in a good mood and in a safe headspace. I feel safe falling asleep to the sweet sounds of Ron Swanson dismantling the federal government from the inside. I feel serene listening to every single one of Leslie Knope’s hijinks. Sleeping to this show is only allowed when you can recite each line as a night time prayer.

Cons: You’ll want to stay awake to watch the entire dang thing.

Sleepy Themed Episode: Season 3, Episode 8: “Camping””


Pros: One of the greatest tv shows of all time, Cheers sets the foundation for the future sitcom. The loveable characters and low stress situations make it an easy watch. You can jump in at just about any point and catch up quickly. Mostly spoken in dulcet tones, interrupted only by the studio audience, Cheers is a calming presence in my night watch rotation. With 275 episodes, it’s unlikely you’ll run out of material.

Cons: You may fall asleep to Shelley Long, and wake up to Kristie Alley. Beware. Also, darker themes in a sitcom may trigger panic attacks. Fun themes such as: what am I doing with my life? Am I in fact this shallow and vapid? Alcoholism! Dementia! And other fun nuggets of fear lay hidden within the laugh track of this classic sitcom.

Sleepy Themes Episode: Season 11, Episode 20 – “Look Before You Sleep”

Great British Baking Show (Great British Bake Off)

Pros: GBBS started a hopefully enduring trend of wholesome and helpful reality competitions where the stakes are high, but the politeness is higher. The contestants on this show are pleasant, the hosts are adorable, and the bakes are divine! The mellow tones of the soundtrack and pastel colors that make the tent provide a perfect escape to usher you to sleep.

Cons: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


IT Crowd

Pros: This show is British, it’s main set is a basement, and it is rarely loud. IT Crowd is a crowd pleaser when setting the mood for sleep. When you’ve watched each episode as many times as I have, the soothing British accents make for a perfect nighttime lullaby.

Cons: The show requires a bit more attention than the rest. Some of the jokes aren’t as funny if you aren’t paying attention. So, many times, it leads me to justify binging a whole series before bed…”by mistake.”

Sleepy Themed Episode: Series 1, Episode 6 – “Aunt Irma Visits”

Honorable Mentions:

The Office


Master of None

Gilmore Girls

Big Mouth

Making It (Only on Hulu)

 Which episodes of these shows do you like to fall asleep to? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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