Welcome back to We Bought a Cabin in the Woods, the Horror and Thriller podcast from We Bought A Blog. AJ and Ryan are back to discuss “Psycho” and how the movie struggled to get made. On the way, we discuss the key players, talk about some HP Lovecraft, and break down the secrets to the shower scene. We hope you’re excited to learn a lot about the classic film.

00-4:30 – General Thoughts on “Psycho”

4:30 – 10: 15-  “Psycho” Recap (Contains Spoilers)

10:15-16:00-  America, Cinema, and Horror Films in 1959

16:00 – 22:00-  Alfred Hitchcock Before “Psycho”

22:00 – 28:00 – The Book “Psycho” Robert Bloch and Ed Gein

28:00 – 39:45 Alfred Hitchcock and the making “Psycho”

39:45 – 46:00 The Shower Scene

46:00- 51:15 The Trouble with Censors

51:15 – 57:45 The Marketing of “Psycho” and the Reception

57:45 – 1:08:20  Other Facts About “Psycho”

1:08:20 – End – Listener Questions

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