Hello all! Welcome to We Bought a Cabin…In the Woods, the newest podcast from We Bought a Blog Media. The new episode talks about “Hereditary” but in a few weeks, AJ French and Ryan Alexander will begin breaking down classic horror films. This podcast will be more an educational style podcast, giving you insights into the history and production of some of the horror genre’s greatest films. We’ll begin with “Psycho” and some of the additional classic slashers, including “Halloween,” “Nightmare on ElmStreet,” “Friday the 13th” (Parts 1/2).

This podcast will appear on the We Bought a Pod thread, so don’t worry about tuning into another feed. We got you covered.

00:00- 9:30: Spoiler Free “Hereditary” talk

9:30 – 40:00: SPOILER DISCUSSION of “Hereditary

40:00-45:00 – Trailer Talk – “Halloween

45:00-49:00 – Trailer Talk – “The Predator” (Red Band)

49:00-52:00 – Trailer Talk – “Supiria

52:00-End – Horror Today

Our music comes from Eric Starn, friend of the podcast.

We Bought a Cabin in the Woods Episode 1: Keep it Spooky

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