Well, that didn’t take too long for the Marvel to plug away at films beyond the still untitled “Infinity War” sequel on the horizon. There is still a healthy dose of skepticism over the “deaths” at the end of the latest Avengers film, and this certainly isn’t going to help. Regardless, Disney/Marvel has begun to build the buzz, whether they meant to or not.

This kind of thing happens when you have an actor with the social media savvy that Tom Holland has shown to have. While visiting ACE Comic Con in Seattle, Washington, the young actor and Spider-Man posted on his Instagram. While he begins the video by saying there’s not much to check out, he flashes an iPad with a logo and title. The title, at least for the working version of the film, is “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” We’ll see if the title actually comes to fruition but it leaves some interesting ideas on the table.

First up, there were rumors the film would be set immediately after the conclusion of “Avengers 4.” These rumors were essentially confirmed by super producer Amy Pascal in 2017 with FandomIf this is true, there’s a lot you can gather from the information, namely that Spider-Man could literally be on a far-off planet to start the film. We could get a space epic with Spider-Man, which clearly worked for Thor.

Second, there’s the discussion of Jake Gyllenhaal’s potential casting as Mysterio. This could be something really special, as it is unlikely that Spidey’s going to come back from an intergalactic space war without some PTSD (he did die after all). The “Far From Home” title could refer to both the literal placement of Spidey and his figurative journey back to normalcy.

Finally, the last film’s title of “Homecoming” still draws connections to the character. Like Batman’s is related to Gotham, Spider-Man is the ultimate New York hero. His journey to become the hero the city needs is still ongoing and is likely to continue for the next decade or so. Drawing a through line of what home means to Spider-Man is a strong foundation for the films to continue to draw from.

Barring something big, the release of “Venom” this summer, should be Spider-Man-less. It’s an interesting way to introduce a potential star, while not showcasing the existing hero. When they inevitably go face-to-face, there’s undeniably going to be some interesting tensions. Meanwhile, “Spider-Man: Far From Homewill begin filming in just two weeks.  It’s good to see the Sony side of the MCU moving forward, even if Holland will spoil the entire thing.

Get pumped to enjoy “Spider-Man: Far From Home” on July 5th, 2019. 

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