Welcome back to We Bought a Pod! We’re kicking off episode 29 of Aaron & AJ’s podcast with a brief recap of the 2018 Oscars, before jumping into new trailers and a review of “Annihilation,” one of our early favorites of 2018.

Start-9:00: The Oscars Recap

9:00-16:50: The New “Infinity War” Trailer

16:50- 21:45: New “Deadpool 2: Trailer

21:45 – 25:30: “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” – The Mr. Rodgers documentary

25:30 – 30:00: “Eighth Grade” Trailers

30:00 – 37:00:”Isle of Dogs” and platform releases

37:00 – 48:00: “Annihilation” Podcast Review. Read AJ’s review here.

48:00 – 51:30: “Death of Stalin”

51:30 – 54:30: Tidbits, “Ready Player One,” Random other movies

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