Today on the Pod we discuss Wonder Woman, suspense films, actors we hate and love, and upcoming films!

Spoiler filled Wonder Woman Review 1:30-45:09
Dyane’s listener question (Suspense Films) 45:10 – 50:00
Paul’s listener question (Actors we hate/love) 50:00-1:00:00
Random Stuff and AJ and Rachel singing an American classic 1:00:00-1:14:00

One thought on “We Bought a Pod Episode 10: Women Week ft. Rachel!

  1. thank you for answering my question. your answers were awesome. rear window and rope are great hitchcock films and my favorites. misery terrific film! there is one that is very suspensful and classic hitchcock style . trivia question: without looking it up name first suspense film directed by steven speilberg.
    trivia: this person is the real creator of batman . what is his name? what movie did they finally put his name in the credits?


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